Breaking News?

Okay I'm just gonna say it >_<

My sister is finally becoming an ARMY!!!

I've been waiting for this moment so that people would understand why I like BTS so much kyaaa!! 

To tell you about my sister is that she's into Jpop like Arashi, EXILE, etc and right now she's working in Japan (yeah girlll!!!)

Before this happened she usually ask me like "Why do you like BTS so much? I don't understand, like why?" but now hahaha looks like karma really do comes around *laugh*  

But yeah just wanna say welcome to the fandom sis  ^^

Life Update

Heyy so.....I'm back?

Life has been busy lately and also really heavy, me and my friends had a serious talk about life after university and it makes me realized that I'm an adult now, so that means I'm gonna have a lot of responsibility yeaay (no...ughhh >_<).

I don't think I'm ready for the "real world", you know like having a job and paying for a lot stuff (house, insurances, taxes, etc). I know that sound childish but please bear with me, I'm the youngest in my family so I'm spoiled okay (well just a little bit....). Kinda regret not having a part time job cause at least I have work experience but my mom says no no and no. I tried to look for internship and job qualification at several places but unfortunately because of pandemic there's not a lot of them, probably gonna look for it again......

My thesis......well it's on the way, just handed my proposal yesterday and now waiting for revision. I'm just praying for the best, hoping that everything gonna ended up well and there's no complication whatsoever (ha ha ha you're kidding right?). Thankfully I have a great supervisor for my thesis. He used to be my supervisor for seminar before so....yeah hahahaha just gonna let everything flow 

Well that's it, this is my life told u it's not interesting but if u reading this I hope u have a great day ^^

Haruma Miura

I really don't know what say..... first time I saw Haruma Miura is on Koizora and since then I've watched most of his work cause of his talent....

I was really shocked when I find out about it and didn't really believe it at first even though this is not the first time I lost an artist cause of suicide....

It's really heartbreaking about what happened........

you have done a good job so rest in piece Haruma Miura........ 

Back to University

Minnasan konnichiwa~

Well At first I just kinda want to post introduction only but I've been thinking maybe I just gonna treat this LJ account as a diary........mehh   hehehe ^_^

One thing that I want to start with is that holiday is over so gonna back to university again T_T 

My mind has been all over the place because of thesis also being a senior. But the right now the goal is to graduate so please "ME" be strong and confident. U can do it ganbaree !!! (just need a little bit of push hehehe)

Also my love for kpop and jpop is growing each time (once u jimin u can't jimout) so probably have to chill it out a little bit this year, focus on uni and graduation.  Wait for me okay senpaiii.......opppaaa T_T



It's been awhile since I post hehehe I don't really have much to write cause my life is not that interesting.... 

Since the pandemic I've been fangirling so much, watched a lot of k-drama and trying new hobbies but also feeling kinda lonely cause my family is far away T_T . 

My university is finally open in September (yayy) I hope I can graduate this year or early next year depends on the research and my supervisor  (please pray for mee T_T)


Hello everyone nice to meet you

I'm new here

I started making this account because of Hey Say Jump (yeay !!) and since I want to know more about them. I realised that I can get a lot of information and content about Hey Say Jump if I join LiveJournal community and become one of the member of community.... oh yeah here's a little bit about myself

I'm 20 years old and from Indonesia

I really love Kpop and Jpop

My hobby is listening to music and singing

My favorite color is blue 

Love eating (that's why I'm so chubby >_<)

I started to know know about Hey Say Jump because of my sister. I was born in Japan and then after 4 years moved to Malaysia... My sister doesn't want to forget about Japanese language and culture and that's why she always watch Japanese drama, comics, anime, tv show, music, and many more. We used to watch Music Station on TV and my sister favorite Japanese group is Arashi and Hey Say Jump. Because of that I also showed interest in Japanese music especially Japanese boyband and that is Hey Say Jump.

At first my ichiban or bias (hehehe) was Yamada but after awhile I started to like Chinen after I watched his acting in Sprout (so good T_T). I still like Yamada though, he's like my niban!

**To all community's admin, I will follow all the rules since I only used the info that I get to myself only... so kindly accept my request (^_^)

That's all for today thank you for anyone that reading this I hope you guys have a nice day (^_^)